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Transine Therapeutics is developing a novel class of therapeutic RNAs that have the property to drive up protein expression with an unprecedented level of control and specificity: The SINEUP® platform. Our SINEUPs are designed to precisely bind to a target mRNA and boost expression of almost any chosen protein by enhancing its rate of translation. The unique characteristics of SINEUPs allow us to safely and effectively address diseases which have been beyond the reach of small molecules, conventional biologics or gene therapies.

We are building a culture of collaboration, ambition and innovation - all with one purpose: To deliver on our passion to develop life-changing therapeutics for serious, underserved diseases. Transine holds broad granted patent protection and we exploit the vast therapeutic capability of the SINEUP technology starting with lead indications in ophthalmology and CNS disease. We are headquartered in the heart of the biotech hub of Cambridge, UK.

SINEUP®: A Revolutionary Platform Technology to Safely Tune Up Protein Expression

SINEUPs have a unique mechanism of action, amplifying protein expression by interacting with the natural cellular translation machinery. Our technology is inspired by the discovery of naturally occurring long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) containing a SINE element found to upregulate translation of mRNAs. Transine engineers novel, synthetic SINEUPs to precisely boost the expression of a targeted protein on demand. The modular nature of the technology enables us to rapidly design SINEUPs with high specificity for almost any target for which mRNA is present. The action of SINEUPs on translation is tightly controlled, providing a truly unique combination of safety features: target and cell specificity, physiological levels of protein expression and no impact on the genome or a cell's RNA content.  

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Transine has assembled a talented team of researchers and executives with deep expertise spanning RNA biology, CNS, the commercialisation of technology platforms and a record of accelerating the development of life science innovation into exciting new therapeutic companies.

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