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Transine Therapeutics is developing a novel class of therapeutic RNAs that have the property to upregulate protein expression with an unprecedented level of control and specificity: the SINEUPs®. Our SINEUPs® are designed to precisely bind to a selected mRNA and boost expression of almost any protein of choice by enhancing translation. The unique characteristics of SINEUPs® allow us to address diseases which have been beyond the reach of small molecules, conventional biologics or gene therapies. Transine proprietary technology massively extends the druggable proteome and represents an entirely unique mechanism of action for currently hard-to-treat disease.

We are headquartered in the heart of the biotech hub of Cambridge, UK and our ambitious plans benefit from significant support from Takeda Ventures, Inc. and the Dementia Discovery Fund who recognised the novelty and broad applicability of the platform.

SINEUP®: A Revolutionary Platform Technology

Our technology is inspired by the discovery of naturally occurring long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) found to upregulate translation of mRNAs and named SINEUPs® by our scientific founders. Transine engineers novel, synthetic SINEUPs® to precisely increase protein expression on demand. The modular nature of the technology enables us to rapidly design SINEUPs® with high specificity for almost any targets for which a mRNA is present. Furthermore, SINEUPs® action on translation is tightly controlled and resulting protein increases are maintained within a physiological range. Their size is optimised to enable different delivery platforms including as naked oligonucleotides, using viral vector such as AAV, or non-viral systems. 

SINEUPs® universality, tunability, inbuilt specificity and safety controls enable very broad applicability in and outside the therapeutic field. Transine is currently capitalising on their unique biological attributes to generate potent treatment for a range of diseases, starting with lead indications in ophthalmology and CNS disease.

A Broad Proprietary Platform

SINEUPs® have a unique mechanism of action, amplifying protein expression with precision by interacting with the natural cellular translation machinery. Transine has exclusive rights to commercialise the platform across the breadth of its applications, including in non-therapeutic fields.

A Strong Science Base

Our scientific founders are world leaders in functional genomics, transcriptomics and pioneers in SINEUP® biology. Transine collaborates closely with its founders and benefits from ongoing innovation of the platform. SINEUP®s for multiple mRNA targets have already been validated by the research community.

A Passionate Team Backed by Expert Investors

The accomplished Transine team is supported by investors with a record of accelerating the development of life science innovation into exciting new therapeutic companies.

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